Multifamily Bridge

Simple Funding can fund the purchase or refinance of 5+ unit properties that are stabilized or need renovation.

Program Details

Small Balance Multifamily

5 to 25 Units

Loan Term

12-24 Months


Up to 75% for purchase

Up to 70% for refinance

Loan Type

Interest Only; Payments Monthly

Full Recourse to Guarantors

Minimum Credit Score Required

Middle Score of 680

Loan Amounts



1 / What is a Multifamily Bridge Loan?

A Multifamily Bridge loan is a short term loan, usually 12-24 months, used to purchase or refinance 5+ unit properties until permanent financing can be secured.

2 / Does the Multifamily Bridge Cover Renovation?

Yes. The most common bridge loan covers the purchase or refinance of the property and funds capital improvements to the property so that stabilization is reached and then permanent financing can be obtained.

3 / Why a Bridge Loan?

Bridge Loans offer you simple, fast financing to fund value add projects or opportunistic investments. There is no income verification and the loan underwriting is focused mostly on the property itself and the plan with that property.

4 / Is Prior Experience Required for Multifamily?

Yes, Simple Funding requires documented prior multifamily experience to qualify for a Multifamily Bridge Loan.

5 / What Third Party Reports are Required?

One full independent USPAP/FIRREA compliant interior/exterior appraisal with As-Is Value and As-Stabilized value if the project is value add. Property Condition Report/Budget Review case by case.

Multifamily Bridge Loans Available in AL, FL, GA, IN, KS, KY, MO, NC, NM, OH, PA, SC, TX, VA

*Loan terms and deal structures are subject to Simple funding’s verification of credit, background and real estate investing experience. Not all clients will receive the maximum advance rates or the lowest interest rates. All loan submissions are subject to underwriting.

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